Our Food Mission


Natural, Non-GMO, Mostly Organic, low Sodium, No Sugar added, Minimum Process!

Our menu is carefully crafted to include plant based options, without compromising the ingredients. We believe in enhancing flavors by using fruit, spices, and vegetable flavors. Everything in a fusion of flavors created with minimum processing. Many of our options are raw, providing a array of nutrients in its natural state.


Nurturing without sacrificing taste!

Our food stimulates your senses, but beyond that it nurtures you without causing harm. Enjoy delicious and fun food, without the down side of heavily processed foods.


Work with your body, digest with nature!

We strive to create recipes that are self sustained, we produce our own sprouts, dehydrated veggies, and all our dishes are our own creations, using natural, local as possible, and simple processing to preserve nutrients and at the same time offer amazing taste and a variety of options.

Enjoy our food!

Build your own Plate or Bowl!


Choice of: Arepa, Taco, or Lettuce Wrap

+ Spread + Filling + Sauce

Topped with Avocado, Tomato, House-grown Sprouts,Ground Almonds/Hemp, and Vegan Cream Cheese

Amazing Appetizers


Great appetizers in the form of "Tapas", to share or enjoy a variety of them. 

Rich, nutritious and delicious!

Everyday Specials for a change!


Every day we offer different specials, sides, and soups; to ad variety to your eating experience.

Example of Daily Specials!

MON: Mofongo

TUE: Thai Pineapple Risotto

WED: Quinoa and Lentils

THU: Sweet Potato Causa

FRI: Basmati Rice and Black Beans

SAT: Mofongo

SUN: Bulgur and Red Lentils

Our Hours of Operation

New Summer hours:

Tuesday to Saturday   2 pm to 10 pm

Sundays and Holidays   4:00 pm to 8 pm

call us for catering and special events needs

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